Product Details

Aurora Pink/French Blue

Hardware: Metallic Gold

Bag Features:

  • Measures: 11.5"W x 8.25"H x 3.5"D fitting within the stadium standard 12x12x6
  • Crafted from the thickest, most durable clear polyurethane (100%PU)
  • Stylish shoulder bag with a sturdy cross body chain that measures 45”
  • Polka Dot Design (except for 1 houndstooth)
  • D-Rings on either side for dangles and keys
  • Rectangular shape
  • Secure SCORE! rhinestone magnetic closure
  • Attached matching, slim, interior privacy pouch for sunglasses, money, credit cards and I.D.
  • Clear, scan able interior event ticket pocket
  • Machine Stitched-NOT GLUED
  • Comes in 32 color combos


*Stadium Compliant for NFL* If you are looking for designer handbags for game day, The Clear PU Cross Body Shoulder Bag for Game Day Chrissy Medium by SCORE! The Official Game Day Bag is the premier clear handbag among sports fans.Transparent yet polka dot, sporty yet chic and designed to breeze through stadium security! Perfect for NFL, NCAA and NHL games, PGA tournaments, NASCAR and horseracing tracks, high school football games, secure work environments, concerts and other stadium and arena events.   A sturdy 45” cross-body chain adds to the designer quality and keeps your clear purse close to you throughout the excitement. This Clear PU Cross Body Shoulder Bag for Game Day is also a weather proof bag with an interior scan able ticket pocket and matching, attached interior privacy pouch. Roomy, large interior still holds sunglasses, phones, keys, money, event ticket, I.D., credit cards and with the zippered pouch; private items. Available in 31 color combos and houndstooth to display your team spirit! Clear, but NOT boring. Also comes in small size.


The Medium Clear Chrissy is stadium compliant with NFL, NCAA, PGA, NHL, high schools, arenas and concerts venues. Featuring a scan-able interior event ticket pocket, a matching interior privacy pouch, a stylish cross-body chain, D-Rings on each side for keys or dangles, sparkling, signature, rhinestone SCORE! closure and purse dangle. Available in 32 color combos.